You are worried your grandchild won't know you or you won't know them.


You are determined to build strong bonds but the distance is getting in the way.


You might have this lingering feeling that you should do​ a little more.


You could use some inspiration and unique ideas - but all in one place. 


Sound familiar?


You are in the right place.

is the only membership in the world designed with and for grandparents to help you create meaningful connections and memorable moments with your grandchildren so you can nurture strong bonds that will last a lifetime.

"I entered The LDG Society as if I was standing at the back of the room just watching! I wasn't sure what this group of grandparents was all about. I was there just to observe.  But as I watched and listened I found myself drawn in to the core idea of connecting more deliberately with my grandkids. 


I began to think more creatively, intentionally and discovering The LDG Society could help me engage with these kids with more meaning.


Kerry has been a gift to me during the pandemic and equipped me to connect in a more meaningful way when I can actually be with my grandkids in person. Thanks LDG."

Papa to 4 (ages 5 to 10)

Because grandparenting from a distance IS different. 

It's heartbreaking for many and not the way you envisioned being a grandparent.

You are proud of your own children for following their dreams but the distance is hard. Especially now! But here is what I know...


Many of you have already rolled up your grandparenting sleeves. 

You know that like any relationship you’ve nurtured in your life, it takes time and commitment. 


Imagine fighting the distance with love, creativity and a plan for connection


A place to be inspired and intentional – to be curious about what more you can do to stay connected.


And you are committed to creating moments and memories.


Of course, this takes consistency, inspiration and being intentional.



A place that will save you time so you can have deeper and more engaging moments with your grandchildren.


A place filled with new, fresh and imaginative ideas to stay connected - so you can spend your time actually focused on being in the moment - and having fun.

 This is exactly what is happening inside The Long Distance Grandparent Society right now! 


Here is what members are saying.... 

The Long-Distance Grandparent Society gives me wonderful ideas and fellowship from other grandparents like me.  The Connection Packs are full of conversation starters, memory makers and ways to keep in touch with your grandchildren, even if they are very young.  I also love the monthly expert chats and the video conversations with other grandparents! 


Grandma to 3 (under 5!)

As a grandparent of grandchildren all living out of state, I felt stuck in a sense of sadness and uncertainty in how to grandparent across the miles. The LDG Society offers practical tools for connecting with my grandchildren, a supportive community offering understanding and experience that spoke to our unique challenges.  And stimulating, expert speakers to enhance the experience. The LDG Society was the primary catalyst in getting me unstuck and moving forward in effective grandparenting, even when I lived far away.


Nana to 4 

While Kerry's free weekly newsletter provides great tips, her monthly Connection Pack, follow-up emails, and video meetings include resources and motivation for putting these ideas into practice.  Plus, she provides a ton more of great ideas and the opportunity to share personal stories with other  grandparents during our monthly group chat on Zoom.  We are certainly happy camper members of the Long Distance Grandparent Society.


Grandpa and Grandma

to a 7-year old



I’m Kerry, Founder of The Long Distance Grandparent.

I created The LDG Society to help grandparents so you

  • Always have something to send, to say and to play.

  • Never feel alone in this journey.

  • Spend time in the moment instead of searching for ideas.

  • Feel inspired to stay connected (even when you don't get much back).

When you become a member, you gain immediate access to: 

What is in the Connection Packs?

  • Interactive Printables 

  • Virtual Grand Dates

    A series of activities and quick start games specifically for video chatting. Grandparents love these because they are step-by-step and imaginative but don't require 3-ring circus performance abilities!

  • Moments that Matter Sheets

    This isn't about recording your life story for them. It's about recording your life's relationship with them. Each month, you take 10 minutes to fill these out, and you save them for your grandchild. They will be able to look back on these and see how much they meant to you.

That’s why, as a member you have access to:

Guest Experts

Monthly guest expert interviews and workshops on topics grandparents care most about. For instance,  how to partner with parents,  share your values and be a part of building self-esteem, resilience and empathy in your grandchildren . These are recorded and available in the portal so you can watch at your convenience. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

Sounds great but I don't want to be locked into a contract?

There are no lock-in contracts so you are free to cancel your membership whenever you like! Come and try it out for a month and if it's not for you, just email me and I will cancel the following month. 

I don't have FaceBook. Can I still join?

I already get lots of great ideas from your emails, FaceBook and Instagram. How is this different? 

What if I don't use Zoom?

Can my partner participate in The LDG Society too?

Can I join for 1 month to see if I like it?

Of course! Just choose the 1 month option. All you have to do is email me at least 48 hours before your monthly subscription is set to renew. I would never want someone to stay in it, if they didn't find it 100% valuable. 

What age range of grandchild is The LDG Society suited for?

What if I only want to join for The Connection Pack each month?

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